Who we are

Who we are

We are musicians and travelers, citizens of the world, but above all wine enthusiasts!

That’s why we decided to start our adventure in the world of natural wines to reach an audience of enthusiasts just like us.

What we have learned, it is that wine is a serious matter. We believe it is more appropriate to bring it back to a daily dimension, away from the chests dedicated to sommeliers and professional tasters.

Therefore we can claim to believe in a democratic wine. A wine that is alive, changing, clean and powerful.

In fact, we want a natural wine that is accessible to everyone.

Why Solovino

The search for a wine that is “just wine” is the basis of our choice.

When we realized that we could no longer drink horrible squashes of sulphites, we understood how it was first and foremost a choice of well-being. A wine that is only grapes, sun, earth. Without chemistry in the vineyard and cellar. Far beyond the wide disciplinary imposed by the law, also in certified organic wines.

Second, it’s an ethical choice. We believe in a future of agricultural renaissance. A virtuous return to the country as a shared future. For our young people, compared to our old ones. The earth as a treasure.

If you wish to contact us personally and find out more about our activity, you can write to us at info@solovinoenoteca.it or follow us on Facebook