What’s Natural Wine?

“Natural wine is pure grape juice for me; it is the idea of ​​wine in purity without having undergone modifications or diluted with additives. It’s volatile and often fragile, but in the end it’s like women to me – beauty is beyond make-up. – Johaness Schellhorn, sommelier

How to recognize a Natural Wine is not simple yet for the consumer.

There is still fragmentation among the major associations of producers of natural wine that certainly does not help to clear up confusion.

The rules on which all producers agree, however, are easy to list.

First of all, healthy agriculture. Organic or biodynamic crops are the bare minimum. Great attention to biodiversity. In the cellar the exclusive use of spontaneous fermentation without the use of adjuvants.

Furthermore, no filtration, no clarification, no other oenological product (although permitted by law) and sulfur dioxide (in very small quantities) as the only concession to preserve the wine.

On this passage there are many controversies: there are in fact producers who do not use the addition of sulphites at any stage of winemaking; others use only a small amount in the bottling stage. In any case we prefer producers who are able to offer an excellent craft product balancing healthiness and taste.

The goal of Solovino Enoteca Naturale is to bring to the consumer’s attention the niche wines that we carefully select in our travels around Europe. We choose producers with very selective criteria and we are not satisfied to offer “fashionable” wines and in which marketing is the master.

It must be a wine that reflects more than anything else the earth and a vision of agriculture, even before that of wine as a drink.

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