Solovino Natural Wines in Rome

Solovino Natural Wines in Rome

Solovino Natural Wines is a wine project with the aim to discover and share rare wines of super rare winemakers who have chosen to cultivate the land with respect.

A natural wine is far distant from conventional wines.

Healthy and digestible, gastronomic, drinkable. A grape juice that escapes the headache of the day after, thanks to the absence of additives and preservatives in the wine making process, from the vineyard to the cellar.

That of our independent winemakers is a sincere wine. An expressive wine of a territory and a thought that goes beyond the glass: it tells of life experiences, vibrant and pure.
We have chosen to tell this part of the story, far from the clamor of big labels and fairs of conventional wine.

A naturally good wine.

Solovino is the place where you can buy natural wine, biodynamic wine in all its forms: white wine, red wine, orange wine, rose wine, Italian sparkling wine, champagne, natural refermented in the bottle. For you a wide selection of wines for all budgets: we believe in the value of a wine that comes back again daily “food”. For everyone!

Less professional tasters, more holy drinkers (in moderation)!