Natural Wine in Rome



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Solovino is the place where you can find a wide selection of natural wine in Rome. We carefully select small winemakers and rare-to-find bottles.

Natural wines mean only spontaneous fermentation, no additional yeast or sugar, no filtering, no clarification, lowest sulphates (no addition or at least 10 times less than the maximum allowed by the law). We are always looking for authenticity and a true link with the territory. Beautiful stories to tell in a glass of wine.

We have many hundreds of labels, red, white, rosé, orange wines, natural sparkling wines (pet-nat) or classic method.

You will find many natural wine makers known all over the world, such as Radikon, Cantina Giardino, Frank Cornelissen, Alessandro Viola, Aldo Viola, Pacina, Cascina Tavijn, Anima Mundi, Podere Orto, Rocco di Carpeneto, Casa Belfi, Franco Terpin, Pierre Frick, La Sorga, Collectif Anonyme, Milan Nestarec, Marko Fon, Cotar and many others.

And if you are looking for a particular wine: feel free to get in touch with us!